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it is my first fanfiction so please be kind.

Warning R-NC-17 YAOI

Title- Untitled (for right now)
Author: Angelsubaru
Rating: R to NC-17 (just to play safe)
Disclaimer: Please do not re-post my fan fiction without asking me first. Gackt and You do not belong to me as much as I wish they did. Please don’t sue me.
Summary: um……….PWP, YAOI, SWEARING. Just a fan fiction so that Gackt may get You-chan in bed :3
Warning.- Do NOT read if you don’t like YAOI. Yaoi is male x male relationship. Do NOT flame me if you do not like it you read it because you did not read/ or choose to ignore my warning.
Author’s Note:
This is my first Yaoi Fan fiction so please be nice. And I know there will be a lot of spelling errors in it as well. I shall fix them later. And I’m Sorry if this fan fiction sucks I am mostly use to writing POV fics.


You stared at Gackt for a few minutes. Did he hear Gackt right? Did Gackt said “ I Love you”? You’s heart raced like it was going to jump out of his chest any moment. You did not know what to do besides sit on Gackt’s bed and look at the floor for the fear of facing Gackt.
“ I’m sorry You-Chan, I…I guess” Whatever Gackt was going to said was cut off short by the feeling of You’s lips pressed against his. Gackt stumbled backwards onto the bed to feel You’s body up against his.
You pulled away breathing slightly hard. He stared into Gackt’s deep blue eyes.
“ I love you too Gac-chan” You lead down and kissed Gackt again brushing his tongue softly against Gackt’s upper lip.
Gackt briefly catching You’s lower lip. Breaking the kiss Gackt put his hands around You’s hips lightly flipping the smaller man down onto the bed as he reached up into the taller man’s shirt to touched the soft skin that was under the fabric.
You gave a small moan at the feeling of Gackt’s fingers lightly teasing his chest to then feel soft kisses on his jaw line made him shiver to the touch.
Gackt ran his fingers over the harden nipple of his lover to hear You moan and to feel You arched his back to the touch.
You could not believe what was happening. He reached up wrapping his arms around Gackt and traced Gackt’s spine with his fingers.
Gackt could not take it, he lightly licked You’s neck and lowered himself fully on You’s body. He let out a moan as he felt You’s growing erection between the fabric of his clothes.
You let out a moan as he felt Gackt’s erection against his. You Pressed his hips back against Gackt’s and You began to undo the buttons of Gackt’s shirt, he reached up to his lovers shoulders and slowly removed the white shirt from Gackt’s body exposing his skin that was lay hiding underneath .
Gackt looked at You to see a soft shade of red spread across his cheeks.
“Are you ok You?” Gackt asked as he went back down and nipped You’s ear lightly.
“ Yes……I’m fine” You replied as he arched his back again
Gackt pulled You up in a sitting position and pulled You’s shirt over his head, throwing it across the room landing on one of the lamps in the room. Gackt smiled seductively at the small blonde before him. He allowed his eyes to roam over You’s chest. Gackt reached over and pushed You against the wooden head border of the bed, grabbing his wrist pinning them above his head, Gackt pressed his lips to You again, as he gently sliding his tongue in the violinist’s mouth. And battle the sweet blonde’s roughly. He moaned loudly against his mouth. Gackt sucked on You’s tongue softly massaging it with his own.
You moaned against Gackt’s mouth and tried to losing his wrist from Gackt’s grip. Pushing his hips back in response to Gackt’s action. A sharp pleasure shot through You’s body.
Gackt released You’s wrist, quickly moving backwards on the bed as a sign for you to follow him.
You followed Gackt making sure that he did not break the kiss. Gackt went and pushed You back onto the bed. Gackt began to remove You’s socks, shoes, pants and boxers as well as his own. He tossed them onto the floor and leaded back down and kissed the hardened flesh that was You.
You moaned quietly closed his eyes and he reached down and ran his finger’s through Gackt’s soft hair.
Gackt gentle took a hold of the base to You’s member, licking the underside from the base to You’s tip.
You gripped at Gackt’s hair, hissing through his teeth and moaning loudly whispering Gackt’s name.
Gackt licked up the small white drops that had formed at You’s tip. Gackt gently kissed his way back up to You’s lips lightly kissing him. He then forcedly pushed You back against the wooden head border of the bed, feeling the other’s man naked groin rubbing against his. Gasping loudly Gackt tossed his head back neck fully exposed as You leaded up and lightly begin to lick at Gackt’s neck over his Adams apple.
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