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available music list Part One

Will take up to four requests, no more than three songs each, as my time is very limited, but i'd love to share some music (sorry!). If four slots aren't filled, you may request additional music. If the slots are filled, your request will be cropped at the top three. Of my available bands, only four will be offered at a time, and won't be available for request for at least a month. List will be updated (in theory/hopefully) every week, around Friday. PVs will be offered once a month, tho none are available *juuuust yet*.

exception: if you have Sugizo, Hakuei, Penicillin, The Flare, or machine, i will gladly swap for equal amounts of songs. please provide contact information if applicable.

Guniw Tools

Border of Taboo
Maggot Gun
Dearly Dark Nap
Equal in Vain
Kashiko Toriko
kara no ikkyaku
Hush and Cool
Steel Leaf
Living Hairspring
kasa sasu koto no yorokobi

Buck Tick

Sid Vicious on the Beach
In the Glitter Pt 2
Kiss Me Goodbye
Black Cherry
Just One More Kiss
Rain Song
Mona Lisa
(more available, please note title you're looking for as i have around 70 Buck Tick songs, but i'm not listing them all)

Hux Flux

cryptic crunch


deatta hi no mama
kaihou prism (instrumental)
stay in the rain
taiyo no kan
scape with transparent wings

Pride of Mind (becuz this is still Klaha) ^_^

Bright Moments
Angels of Night
Out of Air
The Flower Bloom in Future
The Sky was Blue
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I'd like to request the following songs, please:

1) Hux Flux - Calculus
2) Guniw Tools - Steel Leaf
3) Buck-Tick - Sid Vicious on the Beach

Thanksss <333
yay, i caught this before i left :D

1) Hux Flux - Calculus ahh, Hux Flux. love the industrial-esque feel to a lot of their stuff *_*
2) Guniw Tools - Steel Leaf oh, i so adore Full's voice *_*
3) Buck-Tick - Sid Vicious on the Beach this is one *wicked* song.
may I the following?

1)klaha-deatta hi no mama
2)klaha- stay in the rain
3)Pride of mind-Angels of Night
*hugs* you have klaha....*loves you forever*
Could I please request these songs......

taiyo no kan- klaha
Out of Air- Pride of mind

*hugs* thank you