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5/8/05 12:44 pm - peppermeg

Mew! =^_^= This is Meghan. I'm a new member in all these JRock communities... trying to get music cuz my cuz just got me addicted to everything as such. He's going to Japan for an exchange program so I'll see if he can send to me CD's blah... etc... ^_^' and I'll get them posted up in here asap.

Anyways... I've been takin a bunch of ya'll music and THANK YOU SO MUCH! (BOWS) I'm such a JRock glutton... ^_^'

<3 Megs

5/7/05 06:19 pm - icemint

Hi! I found out about this community after Angelsubaru requested something over at </a>jrock_uploads. Here're the links for the stuff I uploaded if anyone else wants them ^^:

Illuminati PV: http://s7.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=03FH3EJU592I42AKNCKXI1VYT3

Bel Air PV: http://s7.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0KHQSE4WAIP010W5BXIOANH2CC

Au Revoir: http://s7.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1WSCFMVJ5L1LA0QW7YAYJ5EQ7E

Enjoy :3

eta: Whaha...I should probably say more about myself. I love Gackt, Dir en Grey, Laruku, and a few songs from other bands. I like recommendations, so it'd make me happy if you recommend some of your favourite songs to me. I also listen to a bit of Korean music. (I hardly know little of either language, though o.o) Yup, that's me. Thanks =]

5/7/05 04:50 pm - sen_kun

hey everyone.

well Katie asked me to post music for everyone today that she uploaded but she was unable to post so im posting for her. here is the music

1. Hyde- Unexpected.mp3

2. Kaoru and Shinya being weird.wmv

3. Gackt- Fragrance.mp3

4. Gackt- Doomsday.mp3

Request- looking for anything on Malice Mizer from when Gackt was in the group or any clips of T.M

crossed post - jcrack jrock_uploads sasayaki_music

5/4/05 11:52 pm - trowacko - [PV] Buck Tick's Romance

oh hoy, hoy!

i haven't shared anything since my first post, so i thought now would be a good time XD i have a number of PVs available tho i'll only be able to upload once or twice a week (swamped like mad with a bunch of things, pitiful me *haha*). for now, i give you:

Buck Tick's Romance PV

i'll work on a music post next time. anyone for Guniw Tools? XD

5/4/05 06:36 pm - the_wasuremono

Alrighty time for an upload XD BIIIIG one this time XD... I got requests... and quite a few of my own picks....

Hora - Inner Universe (album)

Kagerou - the 3 songs I still don't know the names of

MUCC - popjam live

MUCC - We are cows clip

TMRevolution - Madan ~der freischutz~ (PV)

*My Picks*

La'Mule - Mind Control, Musubime

Quruli - Go back to China

Love Can - Neko Mekkroke (single)

Berry - 1st Mini Album

marry+an+blood (6 songs) - Sakura, Sakura (new mix), Honey, Dearest of Darkness, Jealousy Mode, Ryuuketsu

TMRevolution - Madan ~der freischutz~ (Translated, romanized karaoke PV from Mognet.net)

Nightmare - Varuna (PV)

5/1/05 11:11 pm - 7maxwell

Hello I'm new. I've come bearing gifts if thats alright.

Japan 4 Sale - entire album


Great Amateurhythm *recommended*

Can-Nan Forever

Baby Beautiful

N.G.S. *recommended*

Johnny Back

Shangai Honey *recommended*

Kaja Kaja Goo *recommended*

Ready Steady Go *highly recommended*

Dive for you

Still Island with Shuuza Morita

Lang *sweetly recommended*

Rising Suns

Last Scene

After School Boys

Hauike No Uta *recommended*

Let me know if you snag one ya? Thanx

Also help support Tofu Records by buying their albums. ^_^ They bring us wonderful music from Japan.


5/1/05 07:12 pm - ren_aoba

Hallo all ^ ^ I just joined and I love seeing more and more communities pop up, thank you all in advance for posting ^.^ I'm fighting the uphill battle of making my playlist at the moment so I'll try and post it soon XD A little about me - I love Miyavi, Gackt, Hyde and Laruku, and a wee bit of dir en grey at the moment. I'm way into music videos and buying their fanstuffs >.< heh heh. uploads later ^ ^ ja

5/1/05 05:57 pm - kemata

Uhmn... Hiya.. I'm Kema/Kellye, 15 years old, and I've been listening to Japanese music for about 4 years now, JRock for two. Some of my favorites are Janne da Arc, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Dir en grey, GULLET, Gazette, Deadman, Hyde, Gackt, Pierrot, Nightmare, Phantasmagoria, KISAKI PROJECT, Porno Graffitti, and a billion more. ♥ Lesee... uhhh.. I like heavy songs and the more you can hear the bass, the better 'cause bass is love. ^^;; And... I guess I'll just say that the drumming in Moi Dix Mois pisses me off 'cause ... it just sucks and makes my ears bleed. :O (Tohru does a better job in JILS...)

My playlist is here. If you wanna request, then only ask for 3 MP3s, 2 clips, OR 1 PV/Live. I have a dial-up modem connection, so it takes -forever- to upload music, so that's all I ask. :D I'll allow, for now, up to 10 people to post their requests (since that can be up to 30MP3s/20clips/10PVs D:), after that, you may or may not get your request filled (just depends on if I have time or not, which I usually don't). Sorry if this seems a bit strict or anything, but my computer's about ready to implode, and I'd prefer keeping it alive. xD; (By the way, if you request more than that, then I'll just upload I want to out of those ... aka: which ever files are smallest).

There's my crappy first post~ baibai :O


5/1/05 02:00 pm - trowacko - [intro] hello!

howdy! :D

i haven't done an intro post yet. heh. i haven't figured out what i wanted to share just yet. for my first offering, i give you:

Fatima - Humiliate Me More, Darlin'.

glad to be here ^_^ i'm looking forward to sharing more in the future!

5/1/05 01:18 pm - angelsubaru - MOD/files

First- i have noiced that alot of the people are not following the rules of the community. mostly i am seeing the intro post rule is being broken by a lot of people. i wish that people who do join make a intro so that we can all get to know eachother and it tells me and Sen that there are new members that we would like to welcome here. sorry i know that the rule is stupid. O_O hope i am not being to demanding about the rules. >___<

sorry me and Sen have not updated in awhile. but i come with stuff today for everyone.

1.Chachamaru- Air Album.Zip

2. Kirito and Jun Death Emparience.WMV (MPG) (Pierror)

3. Gackt- Vanilla PV.WMV (MPG)

4. Gackt- Mizerable.mp3

5. L'Arc~en~ciel- the Zombies.wmv

6. Gackt mp3s.Zip
mirror1- http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=24QW8M4E6PRCH0AWB0QKSA8BM1
mirror2- http://s22.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1C7V5F7JYD95W0MSN9RZ0A4S6Y

what is inside the zip
Illness Illusion
Freesia op1
Freesia op2
Kono dare mo inai heya de
Etude (Cain's feel cover)
Arittake no ai de
Nine Spiral
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