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12/7/05 03:25 pm - kamikaze_neko - New Asian Music Rotation Site

Hi I'm Stacy! And I just wanted to say that Leah and myself have just updated on our rotation lj "Kamikaze Neko" so yeah XP.

We have a Metronome, Daigo Stardust, DBSK, Se7en, Kra, dir en grey, La'Mule, Anti-Kranke, and a whole bunch more. So check us out k?


8/1/05 10:21 pm - raindrops967

GazetteCollapse )

7/9/05 09:19 pm - wings_of_pyre - Request Mr. Newsman

Can I request
Mr. Newsman by Dir en Grey mp3???
That would be so awesome!

6/3/05 08:05 pm - angelsubaru

it is my first fanfiction so please be kind.

Warning R-NC-17 YAOI

GacktXYouCollapse )

6/2/05 06:13 pm - angelsubaru

hi i was wondering if anyone is willing to make a icon for me. it is Gackt clip of him dressed funny and he hits himself. i was wondering if someone could animate it that reads "my fandom likes to hit himself." i shall give the credit to the person that makes it.

here is the clip.


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5/25/05 12:35 am - 7maxwell - Request and I shall Fulfill...

Because I have lots of free time from midnight to seven am....^_^

Here's one song that I can't go without giving away first...

Gazette - Harunisanrikeri, Mihabarerugo

I've got a grip load of music to give away. Anyone want? ^_^

songsCollapse )

5/18/05 09:30 pm - angelsubaru

i bring 4 Hyde icon. please comment if you take them or just to let me know what you think of them.
The lyrics on the icons is Hyde's Shining over you

if the links to the icons died it might be because my bandwith it high check it in a hr and it should be online again.

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5/17/05 03:05 pm - sen_kun - new Rules? /music

Me and Katie have decided to add two new rules nothing bad. more like to make the place even more fun and not just a jrock mp3 community. tell us if you like it or not. if not then we will remove the rule from the list and just stay as a jrock mp3 community. number 10 and 11 is the new rule.

please if you have a idea or like or hate this idea leave a post both me and Katie are curious to know what people think inside the community. thanks


01 Listen to the mods which is Angelsubaru and Sen_kun
02 Please make an introduction post! It'll help us all get to know each other! ^-^
03 please do not post stuff like about your day.
04 Comment if you download a file! No exceptions! The uploaders are doing you a favor. Let them know you've downloaded something they posted.
05 If you download a file that expires, upload it for anyone who missed it.
06 Only post ONCE a Day
07 Requests are limited to SIX mp3s OR THREE pv! unless the user said otherwise.
08. Movies may not be requested
09 You may advertise your community
10. you may also post about News/wallpapers/icons/banners/fanfics on Jrock.
11. if a Fanfic please let us know if it is over R or NC-17 with a YAOI/YURI warning on it.
12. no fighting please. we will give you a warning if you do it again we will ban you from the commuity.
13. this site is Yaoi/Yuri Friendly. there will not be any fighting over this.
14. You Sent it and You Share It is allowed here.

on to the music

Dir En Grey- Withering to Death Album.zip

L'Arc~En~ciel - Jyojyoushi single.zip


5/13/05 04:25 pm - raindrops967 - Music time!

Comment if you want any of these!

japanese music listCollapse )


5/13/05 01:17 pm - trowacko - available music list Part One

Will take up to four requests, no more than three songs each, as my time is very limited, but i'd love to share some music (sorry!). If four slots aren't filled, you may request additional music. If the slots are filled, your request will be cropped at the top three. Of my available bands, only four will be offered at a time, and won't be available for request for at least a month. List will be updated (in theory/hopefully) every week, around Friday. PVs will be offered once a month, tho none are available *juuuust yet*.

exception: if you have Sugizo, Hakuei, Penicillin, The Flare, or machine, i will gladly swap for equal amounts of songs. please provide contact information if applicable.

Ze current list:Collapse )
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