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About- this is a Jrock mp3/pv/clip site.

History= It started almost 2 years ago when me and a friend of mine named Sen started a site called Sasayaki it was a mp3 rotation site. But our computers died and had to go in for repairs we both lost all of our files but after talking with Sen. He said it was ok for me to restart Sasayaki but we wanted it to be more fun and decided that I would do it on Livejournal so everyone had the changes of posting the music that they loved.


01 Listen to the mod which is Angelsubaru
02 Please make an introduction post! It'll help us all get to know each other! ^-^
03 please do not post stuff like about your day.
04 Comment if you download a file! No exceptions! The uploaders are doing you a favor. Let them know you've downloaded something they posted.
05 If you download a file that expires, upload it for anyone who missed it.
06 Only post ONCE a Day
07 Requests are limited to SIX mp3s OR THREE pv! unless the user said otherwise.
08. Movies may not be requested
09 You may advertise your community
10. you may also post about News/wallpapers/icons/banners/fanfics on Jrock.
11. if a Fanfic please let us know if it is over R or NC-17 with a YAOI/YURI warning on it.
12. no fighting please. we will give you a warning if you do it again we will ban you from the commuity.
13. this site is Yaoi/Yuri Friendly. there will not be any fighting over this.
14. You Sent it and You Share It is allowed here.